- Louie's -


- Established 1933 -


Keeping You Safe



At Louie’s Barbershop we care about the health of our customers and Team Members so we are strictly following the government health codes and COVID-19 social distance regulations.


Before seeing us we are asking you to please adhere to the following guidelines:


1.- Everyone coming in to the store must wear a face mask at all times in order to be serviced.


2.- If you have been sick in the last 14 days or you are not feeling well we can not see you, please stay home.


3.- Please come in alone, we are limited to only one person per barber at a time and there’s no waiting area inside the shop, no partners, children, friends, or pets are allowed to come in with you.


4.- After greeting you we’ll take your temperature and will ask you to wash your hands or use hand sanitizer (available at every station), we’ll follow up with a health screening protocol.


5.- No drinks or food are allowed inside the shop.


6.- Please make sure you bring only one personal item and keep it with you at all times.


7.- Some services like beard trims or face shavings are not provided at this time until further notice in order to keep our team members and our customers safe and healthy.


WAIT LIST notes...


1.- Check the barber’s schedules before adding your name to the waitlist, unfortunately, some barbers are no longer with us and we had a few changes on most schedules.


2.- Choose your barber based on their availability.


3.- Provide us with FULL NAME (first and last).


4.- Please be outside of the shop 5 min before the estimated wait time and make sure to keep a proper social distance (6’ apart) from other people. If you are not on time we’ll remove your name off the list.


5.- We DO NOT call or text you to update your place on the waitlist. 


6.- Please Check your place on the list from your phone.


7.- Some services like beard trims or face shavings are not provided at this time until further notice in order to keep our team members and our customers safe and healthy.

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Louie's has been a destination for generations.


Originally opened in 1933, our shop was one of the first businesses in the Castro.


Over the years we have seen the neighborhood evolve to become a San Francisco landmark!

Our décor harkens back to the Art Deco period and we continue to maintain that authentic old barbershop feel.


Our hand picked team of barbers and stylists can provide you with the latest hairstyles, from personalized haircuts to traditional fades and tapers. We also offer beard trims and straight razor shaves when you want to pamper yourself.

Come try us out... you'll love your cut or shave because we do great work for a fair price. 


Single Blade Buzz cut




Long Hair Haircut

$42. & up

Senior Haircut


Full Head w/Electric Shaver


Neck Clean up


Short beard trim


Long beard trim


Straight Razor Shave 


Hair Cut & Short Beard trim 


Hair Cut & Long Beard trim 



Barber Schedules



Tuesday                   10am - 3pm 

Wednesday           9:30am - 6pm     

Friday                    9:30am - 6pm

Saturdays             9:30am - 5pm



Monday                  9am - 4pm

Tuesday                 9am - 6pm

Thursday               9am - 4pm

Friday                    9am - 5pm

Saturday               9am - 5pm

Sunday                11am - 4pm


Monday                 11am -6pm

Wednesday             9am - 4pm

Thursday              11am - 6pm

Friday                    11am - 6pm

Saturdays             10am - 5pm

Sunday                  11am - 4pm


Tuesday                 12pm - 6pm

Wednesday           12pm - 6pm

Thursday                 9am - 4pm

Friday                    10am - 5pm

Saturday               10am - 5pm


Thursday                10am - 6pm

Friday                       9am - 6pm

Saturday                  9am - 5pm



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422 Castro Street,

San Francisco, CA 94114


Phone:(415) 552-8472


Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm
​​Saturday: 9am - 5pm
​Sunday: 11am - 4pm